Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Referendums Will Falsely Divide Students

In the upcoming CSU elections, students will be asked to vote on a proposal for per-faculty fee-levy referendums.

As a Concordia student who has gained so much from fee-levy groups over the years, I am very concerned by the devastating effect this proposal will have on the vibrancy of our university.

Fee-levy groups like the People’s Potato, QPIRG-Concordia, Le Frigo Vert and many more, play an essential role in creating an environment where students can become engaged in their campus and in the greater Montreal community.

These groups are run by and for students. They provide a host of services, events and campaigns that directly benefit students of all faculties, who both access the group’s services and participate in their events, while gaining invaluable learning experiences as volunteers, board members, and employees at these organizations.

Of course, not every student will access the services of every fee-levy group while at Concordia—some people will get involved with the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program, but may never access the peer-support service offered by the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

They may want to get their hands dirty at the Concordia Greenhouse or listen to CJLO, but they might never take in a free documentary at Cinema Politica on a Monday night, or participate in QPIRG’s Community-University Research Exchange project.

It is this diversity of interest, however, that makes Concordia an exciting place to study—and the support we give to this diversity is what makes our community strong.

The proposed per-faculty fee-levy referendums will put the strength of our community and the stability of fee-levy groups at stake. By allowing per-faculty referendums instead of united student referendums, fee-levy group funding will be compromised and students will be falsely divided and prevented from accessing these amazing organizations.

I urge Concordia students to support a united and vibrant campus community and to vote no to the per-faculty fee-levy referendums on March 25, 26 and 27.

Fiona Ainsworth