Olivia Taddio for ASFA VP External & Sustainibility

I would like to offer my full support for Olivia Taddio for VP External and Sustainability in these upcoming Arts and Science Federation of Associations elections.

I have had the honour of personally working with Taddio and can attest to her skills and abilities that make her an excellent candidate—one that any executive team would be lucky to work with.

Firstly, Taddio has the instinctual leadership qualities necessary for the position. This is demonstrated through her strong background and experience working both with and for the student body as VP Social for the Concordia Association for Students in English and on the Social Committee with the current ASFA executive team.

Not only has she excelled in these two positions, but they have provided her with the knowledge and know-how to fulfill the role of VP External and Sustainability for next year’s ASFA executive.

In addition to her invaluable experience with member associations at Concordia as well as with ASFA, Olivia’s strong candidate platform truly is one of her biggest strengths.

She is a strong advocate for facilitating fundamental inter-faculty relationships that will promote a stronger Concordia community.

Her proposed sustainability initiatives, including a new water fountain with bottle counters and sustainability workshops are both extremely innovative and will provide Concordia with a means of continuing to enhance their environmental contribution.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly believe that Olivia Taddio encompasses all of the essential characteristics necessary for VP External & Sustainability.

I am confident that she will work tirelessly to assure that issues of sustainability are at the forefront of students’ concerns and activities.

—Megh Atwal
Specialization in Psych

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