There’s A Reason Some Shows Are Free

Graphic Caity Hall

I got these free tickets to a Talib Kweli show the other day. I usually read ahead and check these concerts out on Facebook so I really know what I’m getting into. But I mean, it’s a Talib Kweli concert—what’s the worst that can happen?

A lot, apparently.

First off, most of the people who were at this concert were acting as if they were going through exorcisms half the time. Jumping around and moshing is cool, wildly flailing your arms about and running into people (me) like your head’s been cut off? That’s got to stop.

I also have to give a shout-out to the opening DJs who couldn’t help but use the same effects and the same songs during their sets. I wasn’t impressed; my friend’s yawns and mine had us looking for pillows, but you got the rest of the crowd going, right?

And then there was the main event—or main train wreck, I should say. Once Talib came on, everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Crap mics, no matter how many times Talib asked for a new one. Crap sound guys, crap lighting—Talib asked them to turn the lights down and they did the opposite. He asked that a fight in the crowd stop, and then momentarily stomped off stage when the fight didn’t come to an end.

I’m quite surprised Talib didn’t lash out like he did on Don Lemon in Ferguson.

Free tickets—they’re great but sometimes you get what you pay for. Thanks for ensuring that all my friends will think twice before going with me to free events from now on.

—Julian McKenzie, Sports editor