Video: Montreal street musicians prepare for another difficult season due to COVID-19

Buskers share the impact of the pandemic on their livelihood

Montreal street musicians have been hit hard by the pandemic. The restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 resulted in a massive drop in income for street musicians. 

Now, there are fewer people on the streets and there is a fear of coming in close contact with strangers. Another effect of COVID-19 is the reduced use of coins, something essential for street musicians. Moreover, the lack of foreign tourism, the closure of restaurants and bars, and the cancellation of cultural events prevented mass gatherings—a main income source for buskers.

In April, the Société de Transport de Montréal banned street musicians from performing in the metro. With the winter months soon approaching, this takes away a major opportunity to play in public from them. 

After a devastating summer brought on by COVID-19, street musicians must prepare to face another season of challenges this winter.