‘Montreal I love you but I have to leave’

Please enjoy this poem by Caroline.

‘Do not enter’ sign. Photo Stella Mazurek

It is not light-hearted but heavy, 

As holey as your pavement and foggy as your winter suns 

I go where you throw what’s yours away 

Beyond the river, they drown, 

Those who love you yet, so much. 


I leave you my beautiful, but it is you who abandons me 

You, who prefers the new, the most beautiful, the healthiest, the most salient 

Ah! They court you, these gentlemen businessmen 

Promise you a great day, a place of choice, 

Cover you with pomp and flatter you, 


Don't be mistaken Montreal, my beautiful, 

But soon they'll sell you too 

To the highest bidder and throw 

The leftovers out with the bathwater, 

As you now throw away what’s yours. 


Montreal forever, it's your postcard we’ll remember, 

None of your inhabitants, they’re just like the others, 

But your mountain, but your river, 

And everything that floats according to the St. Lawrence.

Soon, like your big sisters, you’ll be drained of your waters, 

The ones who give you your colours and make your heartbeat. 


Hold them back Montreal,  

Like a mother 

Who refuses to see her children  

Grow up, 

And leave.


Montreal, I love you, but I'm leaving you, 

You, who doesn't want more of me than my brain, my hands 

Gotta leave my soul somewhere else  


And look ahead, head down. 

This article originally appeared in The Sidewalk Issue, published April 5, 2022.