McGill Students Say No to Divestment

A Motion to Divest in Companies Linked to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine Failed Sunday

A motion to divest from companies involved with the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory did not pass at a McGill general assembly Sunday.

Hosted by the Students Society of McGill University (SSMU), the final number of votes was 212 for, 276 against and 9 abstentions.

“Obviously it’s slightly disappointing that the motion didn’t pass today, although the margin was very close,” said Nadir Khan, a member of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR).

“I think it’s very good that it didn’t pass,” said James Newman, a McGill student. “It’s a ridiculous motion that we had no business proposing in the first place, and I’m glad we shot it down.”

The weeks leading up to the assembly were filled with campaigns on either side of the motion.

“I think that the motion is poorly written, it’ll bind the SSMU execs in a matter that is unconstitutional,” said Daniel Sorek, a McGill student.

“The proponents of this motion are trying […] to turn a really complicated debate into a decided solution by imposing their view on SSMU, and that’s absolutely unacceptable.”

Despite the disappointment, SPHR is already looking ahead.

“We’re advocating for social justice, we’re advocating for the rights of Palestinians,” Khan said. “That will be brought up again, in what form, it’s hard to say but we will not stop.”