Letter: Vote Yes on the CSU Daycare

This week, there will be a referendum question regarding the CSU’s proposal to open a new daycare on campus, prioritizing access to student-parents.

Although I am not a student-parent, I am thrilled to hear about this initiative. I know from working in a daycare for the past four years how difficult it can be for a parent to find quality daycare services. The need outweighs the availability.

As students, we have many endeavors and obstacles to overcome throughout a semester. Add to that the stress of being responsible for a child and needing to worry about the care that child is receiving throughout the day. Those of us who are not student-parents can only imagine!

Having a quality daycare on campus, catering to student-parents, would offer them convenience, practicality and time-efficiency, thus allowing them flexibility for group projects, academic counseling and overall success—not to mention peace of mind.

The proposal at hand will not have any financial impact on student fees. However, it will highly benefit fellow Concordia students who have children. Concordia University is a community in itself, and we need to stand together to promote accessibility to higher education for all current and future students.

Support the CSU’s Daycare and Nursery Project by voting YES to the referendum question on Nov. 24 through 26!


Melissa Arauz
Major in psychology
Major at the School of Community and Public Affairs

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