Letter: Vote for Lana Galbraith

My name is Koichi Sato and I am a recent Concordia graduate with a major in Liberal Arts and a minor in Religious Studies. I acted as Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Liberal Arts Society in the final year of my undergrad. I worked closely with the faculty and the students of the Liberals Arts College during my studies at the College.

I would like to wholeheartedly endorse Lana Galbraith as the upcoming VP External and Sustainability of ASFA.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lana Galbraith both inside and outside of the context of the university. Lana is always a dedicated and passionate team member. She works hard to create a safe and inclusive environment. She saw a need for change in ASFA and fought to see it to fruition. When the previous ASFA failed to provide a consent workshop during their mandate, Lana held one at the Liberal Arts College for all those interested and I feel safe speaking for all those who attended in saying that we were all extremely grateful.

In addition to this, Lana was one of the students that drafted and distributed a petition that demanded the previous members of ASFA be held accountable for their actions. This petition provoked a lot of necessary conversations in the Liberal Arts College. She made sure everyone understood that our student association should always make us feel represented and respected. Lana participated in the creation of Launch, a safe and positive alternative to frosh. She has managed to create drastic change in her surroundings.

Lana has been extremely resourceful during her mandate as President of the Liberal Arts Society and managed to elevate many of its social events. In an effort to reduce one of our events’ ecological footprint, she hired a bus to take us to one of the College’s most important events. In the past we depended on the use of many vehicles. She integrated a lot of these changes into our events and made them more eco-friendly.

I’ve always loved the adage of being the change that you want to see in the world. Lana embodies this idea completely. I firmly believe that a vote for Lana is a vote for progress— it is a vote for a better Concordia. Ultimately, a vote for Lana is a vote for change.

Koichi Sato, graduated Liberal Arts and Religious Studies student