Letter: “Support Change” in Upcoming ASFA Elections

My name is Alex Tyrrell. I am the leader of the Green Party of Québec and a current student in Environmental Science at Concordia University.

I write this letter in support of Jenna Cocullo and her team who are running in the Concordia Arts and Science Federation of Associations elections this week. Jenna has a solid track record of hard work and unwavering support for progressive causes such as consent workshops, fossil fuel divestment, local food initiatives, environmental protection and the fight against austerity to name just a few.

Jenna’s team is running on a solid platform of better financial accountability, an increased focus on social justice issues, safe spaces for students and long term initiatives that will help ensure the success, relevance and good governance of ASFA for years to come. These proposals go far beyond superficial election promises as Jenna has the experience, will and determination to see these projects through, and to make concrete contributions to the well-being of students, the environment and the university.

I strongly urge all arts and science students to both vote in the upcoming ASFA elections and to “Support Change” by voting en masse for Jenna Cocullo and her team. The stronger their mandate is, the better student life will be at Concordia for years to come.

Alex Tyrrell, Leader of the Green Party of Québec