Late DISC introduced for fall semester

Option to choose DISC notation has been reinstated until Dec. 7

The CSU and university administration have come to a momentary compromise in the shape of the Late DISC. File photo Emanuele Barbier

Concordia University has just announced via email that it will be extending the DISC notation deadline to Dec. 7. The deadline was previously Nov. 8.

“The return to campus this fall has been an important, and very welcome, milestone—but we recognize that the pandemic continues to present challenges that may affect your academic performance,” wrote Anne Whitelaw, provost and vice-president academic. “On an exceptional basis, the university is granting you permission to retroactively drop (discontinue or DISC) fall 2021 courses.”  

This decision comes off the heels of the Concordia Student Union by-election question asking if students are in favour of the Pass/Fail option for the fall semester. The question passed with a 93.8 per cent majority.

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“We compromised for Late DISC until further notice,” said CSU General Coordinator Eduardo Malorni. “We’ve been trying to get Pass/Fail for a few months,” he added, explaining that the administration was weary of reintroducing Pass/Fail. This compromise comes from the CSU advocating for the students’ need for immediate support to the university. The conversation surrounding Pass/Fail, according to Malorni, isn’t over yet.

“It’s a first step in supporting students, but it’s still not enough to support students like a Pass/Fail notation would,” said CSU Academic & Advocacy Coordinator Hannah Jamet-Lange. “The Late DISC was a step in the right direction, but it’s not the same [as Pass/Fail].” 

Unlike dropping a class, a DISC notation is permanent on a students’ transcript. It does not, however, affect their grade point average. The Late DISC option will also be made available in the winter 2022 semester.