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FC Montreal Earns Third Straight Win After Defeating Toronto FCII

FC Montreal defeated Toronto FCII 2-1 this past Wednesday afternoon at Stade Saputo’s turf field. Photo Yacine Bouhali

Before their encounter on Wednesday afternoon, FC Montreal and Toronto FCII were greeted by a heavy downpour of rain following the national anthem. It certainly didn’t get in FC Montreal’s way as they earned a 2-1 victory over Toronto FCII at Stade Saputo’s Turf field.

After losing their first encounter of the year against their fellow Canadian rivals, FC Montreal now lead their season series two games to one.

In addition to winning their third straight game, FC Montreal have also won six of their last eight games.

In the seventh minute of the match, FC Montreal centre-forward Jacques Haman earned a penalty shot after being taken down in the box. Team captain Jeremy Gagnon-Laparé kept his cool and gave Montreal the early 1-0 lead.

The score remained the same at halftime thanks to good goalkeeping by both sides and effective work by Montreal’s defence, one of the team’s most improved assets this season.

“We come in before the game much more prepared than we were. It’s one of the things we were focusing on from the start,” said FC Montreal centre-back Mitchell Bringolf.

FC Montreal kept on with their positive mentality and willingness to win in the second half as the bleu-blanc-noir scored again in the 53rd minute. Haman made this a two-goal game off a play initiated by fellow forward Alessandro Riggi.

“I knew [Riggi] was going to give it right from the start so I went full on, sprinted. He gave it to me and I saw Haman running in front of the left-back and behind the centre back,” said fullback Zachary Sukunda. “I just [crossed the ball] and I happened to get it right on his head and he put in a great finish.”

In stoppage time, an unusual indirect free kick in the box was given to Toronto. Team captain Chris Manella took a low shot that fooled all the FC Montreal players lined up in a wall to block the shot.

But it wasn’t enough to overcome Haman’s game winner from earlier in the game.

Haman now has three goals in his first three starts with the club. Head coach Philippe Eullaffroy’s has been pleased with his forward’s play–Haman has scored three goals in three matches–and has leaned on him for more production.

“He creates other opportunities to score, which is even more encouraging.” said Eullafroy.

The Cameroonian international has set a personal objective to score as many goals as possible, but has also set out a goal for his club for the rest of the season.

“Our objective it to reach sixth place in order to make the playoffs,” Haman said. “There are four games left to play and we will strive for it.”

His personal objective is to score as many goals as possible.

The team will now take a 10-day break before looking to extend their second ever winning streak. The bleu-blanc-noir will then travel to Wilmington where they will play the Hammerheads on August 22nd.