Highlights from the CSU Council Meeting

Sexual Assault Centre, November Referendum Discussed

Photos Adam Kovac

Council Endorses Sexual Assault Centre

The first order of business at the meeting was on the subject of creating a sexual assault centre at Concordia–a project endorsed by the Concordia Student Union.

“Concordia University does not have a policy that specifically and comprehensively addresses sexual assault,” said Laura Ellyn, of Concordian’s for a Safer University Community.

In addition to advocating for the creation of a Sexual Assault Centre, council executives will be writing a letter to Concordia’s administration demanding:

  • the creation of a permanent space on campus for a SAC
  • permanent and sustainable funding for the operations of the SAC
  • the implementation of mandatory sensitivity training programs for security, counselling and development staff
  • the creation of a clear and accessible policy dealing with sexual assault on campus

The CSU will also be creating a directory of organizations that provide assistance or information to survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment, which will be accessible from the CSU’s website.

For more information about this initiative, click here.

Fall Referendum Questions on the Ballot

In other news, the fall referendum has been officially scheduled for Nov. 22 to 24. Though not all ballot initiatives have been set, it is expected that Concordia’s anti-capitalist food market Le Frigo Vert and Concordia University Television will be asking students for fee-levy increases. CJLO is also seeking a fee-levy increase and has already started its campaign.

Standing Committees Vacancies

Council also voted four out of nine vacant student-at-large members onto various standing committees. It was unclear at the time of publication why five seats had no one running for them.