Heard in the Hall

Graphic Clément Liu

In keeping with our special sustainability issue, we asked students what further initiatives do they think ConU could take to be more sustainable?­

  • “They could have more greenhouses. At the Hall Building, they have a greenhouse, so they could do that for other buildings and some on Loyola, too. I think those kind of initiatives are more student run.”

  • “As [far as] what I know, they are doing a pretty good job. But they should have a proper smoking place. The thing is if you go out, everyone is smoking in front of the [doors]. You know, passive smokers, cigarettes lying down on the street, in front of the entrance. They should have some sort of smoking cabin.”

  • “Well, by using your laptop all the time, you are consuming the electricity rather than paper. At the end, it’s the same thing. By saving the paper, you are destroying the environment by using electricity. And, if we all share a lab or two after a certain time of the day, we could all save electricity. For example, if we have six labs from 9 p.m. onwards, we could use only two labs. We could save the electricity of those four labs.”

  • “In engineering, every assignment we give, we have to print this sheet, “The Expectation of Originality,” for every assignment! And, if you don’t print, they deduct marks. It is just to write your name. I don’t think that’s important. It’s just a waste of paper. All the projects that we have to give, we have to give in a hard copy.”

  • “To ban paper cups. That would very good. Tim Horton’s. Starbucks. Everybody brings their own re-usable cup. We are like 20,000 students? Imagine one person buys [a cup of] coffee a day. This is pretty ridiculous amount of paper wasted right there.”