Heard In The Hall

Concordia on: Security

Graphic Clément Liu

A week after riot cops stormed the university down the street, The Link took to the halls to find out whether or not ConU students feel secure on the campus and if they feel campus security is effective. Here’s what they said:


“Yes, I do feel safe on campus. When there is ever a condition that might make things unsafe, I see the security and the staff working and taking the necessary steps to prevent any damage to the students.”

—Naeem Yassin
Masters Mechanical Engineering


“I do feel safe on campus because it is located in a safe part of Montreal. […] That sense of security might be a bit false because I haven’t seen anything bad happen, at least on campus. But, I am aware that a while back something happened in the Hall Building—I was told that’s why we have the concrete tables.”

—Thomas Burelle Tremblay
BA Admin


“I feel safe because there is security and I don’t feel any threat over here. As far as I know and I see, [security] is doing a good job.”

—Omer Ahmad
Masters Software Engineering


“I do. I have never felt unsafe. But, I did have a conversation about how it was sort of weird that the security guards are on one floor of the campus—near the doors. I do find that a little strange, I have only seen [security] downstairs. I guess the only issue people would see [as unsafe] is that the doors are always open—especially from the tunnel, anybody can walk in. But, I have never felt unsafe.”

—Jasmyn Ford
BA English Literature


“I have spent a lot of time here after hours in the film building and we’ve never had any issues. I don’t think there is any particular place on campus that I don’t feel safe. Sometimes, when you are around the library or Hall Building, you say ‘Oh! I’m on campus,’ then, you go a block away and find yourself in a random alleyway downtown. In that sense, you sometimes feel ill at ease because you are not in your territory all of a sudden.”

—Mattias Graham
BFA Film Production


“Mostly—except for the weekends because a lot of people come to the campus, especially this [7th floor Hall Building] floor because of the free phones. They just come here to use free phones. Sometimes, they are not people from Concordia. Like, you can tell—I find that weird.”

—Mahdie Tabatabaei
BSc Biology