Hasan Can Help

Hasan Cheikhzen is one of the kindest, most devoted and determined people that I have ever met. I have known Hasan for a year now and can say with great confidence that he is a very hard-working person. He is always engaging and involved in several activities, everything from sports to joining the Syrian Association at Concordia University.
Being an ex-member of the Syrian Association myself, it is actually there where I met Hasan. And it is through my experiences there that I can confirm that he clearly has a social commitment to his fellow colleagues. He was always the first one to offer his help whenever we encountered a problem in the association and possesses excellent communication skills.
Hasan more than fulfills the characteristics that an ideal CSU executive should possess. In complement to this point, having previously lived in Jeddah, he is also educated in a cross-cultural milieu, which only serves to underscore this.
Hasan strikes me as a person who is deeply reliable, who has a deep sense of self and of his own character. He is a person I trust completely. I believe that he will be a tremendous asset to our CSU and I recommend him to you in full confidence.
—Tara Al-Dakkak,
Communications Studie

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.