A guide to volunteering at Concordia

Concordia groups are offering volunteering opportunities for students who are looking to help out

Graphic Myriam Ouazzani

Volunteering is a source for positive change. Concordia has numerous volunteer opportunities available to students who are eager to help out. If you’re looking to contribute to a good cause, here is a list of six non-profit Concordia organizations where you can volunteer.  

The Hive Free Lunch

The Hive Free Lunch program, located on the second floor of the SC building on the Loyola Campus, strives to provide vegan nourishing meals while considering the environmental and social impact of food consumption. Volunteering is done on a drop-in basis and includes a 10-minute safety orientation. Volunteers of all levels of expertise are welcome and will receive a free lunch as well as a year-end appreciation party. 

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization that aims to decrease loneliness and isolation while raising awareness, promoting inclusion, and providing support to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDDs). This club pairs up student volunteers with individuals who have IDDs to create long-lasting friendships. To volunteer, fill out a form on their Instagram account, bestbuddies.concordia, or email them directly at bestbuddies.concordia@gmail.com.

Multi-Faith and Spirituality Centre

The Multi-Faith and Spirituality Centre (MFSC) aims to open to all students various expressions of the human spirit. They value openness, inclusion, community, and connection, and they organize a number of activities and events throughout the year. You can fill out a volunteer form located at the bottom of the MFSC page on Concordia’s website and register to volunteer for upcoming events.

Concordia Students’ Nightline

Concordia Students' Nightline is an anonymous, confidential, and nonjudgmental nightline operated by Concordia student volunteers. Their initiative actively supports the Montreal community by providing help to students, serving as an impartial third party, or offering a listening ear for those who just want to talk. The nightline works every Wednesday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. If you want to volunteer, send them an email at cnightlinerecruitment@gmail.com.

EnufCanada B-Corp

EnufCanada is a Beneficial Corporation dedicated to combating the waste crisis through its "Waste Not, Want Not" student initiative, which launched in 2016. Since then, they've doubled annual composting, cut contamination in compost bins by half, and reduced overall waste by 16 per cent for every student. If you would like to volunteer, visit the “join us” section of their website, and fill out a form.

Right to Move

Right to Move is a non-profit volunteer organization that values economical and ecological alternatives to cars. They encourage upcycling by repairing old bicycles that would otherwise end up in landfills and selling them at reasonable prices. You can volunteer by visiting their shop in the basement of the K-Annex at 2150  Bishop St. on the Sir George Williams Campus or emailing them at righttomove@gmail.com.