Get CJLO on the FM

It’s time to get yourself heard.

CJLO 1690 AM is looking for you to approve a nine-cent fee levy during the Concordia Student Union byelection on Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1.

As many of you know, CJLO ran for a fee levy last semester but came up short. What you might not know is that we were the victims of a flawed process and your democratic voice was lost as a result. We are running again to correct that wrong.

Due to the neglect of the Chief Electoral Officer supervising the last election, students didn’t have access to correct ballots or information on our proposal.

Had you had access to our reasons for running this is what you would have heard: CJLO is currently aired on 1690 AM. Due to the technical limitations of AM, the sounds of Concordia’s students can’t be
heard downtown. We have a plan to correct that: voting yes will help fund a new FM signal that would serve downtown, bringing CJLO to all of Concordia’s students and residents.

This signal would concentrate on the downtown core, bringing you the best in local music and an opportunity for your voice to be heard by the entire university. This signal will also be kept ad-free.

If you vote yes, CJLO will continue to purchase new professional-grade recording equipment that any student can use, no matter what class you’re registered for.

CJLO is committed to bringing your voice and the voices of local artists to our city’s increasingly commercialized airwaves.

—Stephanie Saretsky, CJLO
Station Manager
—Brian Joseph, CJLO Program