Futsal Teams Invited to Open Patrice Bernier Charity Event

Sporting Montreal and Cinque Stelle FC To Play Official League Match

Jose Eduardo Herrera Lambur, captain of Cinque Stelle FC, will share the field with his brother at the charity event, but they will be on opposite sides. Courtesy Audrey Magny
Jose Eduardo and Fernando Herrera Lambur (above) will be rivals come Feb. 17. Courtesy Audrey Magny

Former Montreal Impact captain Patrice Bernier will hold the second edition of “Patrice Bernier and His Friends,” a charity futsal match on Feb. 17. The event will benefit Maison D’Haiti, a community organization founded in 1972.

Bernier’s charity game will be the main event, with teams from the Première Ligue de Futsal du Québec set to open the festivities. Announced Tuesday morning in a press conference at Maison D’Haiti, Sporting Montreal and Cinque Stelle Futsal Club will play an official PLFQ match on the day of the charity.

Gestion Événements Alexandre Kénol, one of the organizers of the fundraiser, invited both teams to not only promote the event, but also recognize futsal talent in the province.

According to Sporting Montreal President Enrique Benavides, the two were already scheduled to play that day but eventually merged the game along with event.

Both he and Maxime Brouillard—Vice President and General Manager of Cinque Stelle FC—expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming match. Brouillard said it’s a great occasion, not only for both teams, but for futsal in Quebec and those attending the fundraiser.

“Usually when we play each other it’s a great spectacle for everybody, so we are very proud to be a part of this,” said Brouillard.

The all-star futsal game will include former professional players such as Dwayne De Rosario and Hassoun Camara. Courtesy Marc-André Donato

PLFQ commissioner Kambiz Ebadi—who also joined Kénol, Benier, and Marjorie Villefranche, the General Director of La Maison D’Haiti—discussed the diversity that is weaved into the fabric of the sport and its connection to the community as a whole. Ebadi said, “the diversity helps us in the community, to show that players [of] different backgrounds can play together.”

Ebadi emphasized that one of the main objectives for the PLFQ, is to show that the sport can bring communities together and help each other.

He later said that next the league plans to begin working with schools, catering to younger players under the age of 12 who are less fortunate. Ebadi said that, especially in Montreal, there are many students who don’t have the financial means to play. He added that futsal, being a cheap sport, helps in that regard.

“In the end […] we want healthy young players [participating] in sports and that’s what futsal is there for, too,” said Ebadi.

In regards to the upcoming match between Sporting Montreal and Cinque Stelle, Benavides highlighted the importance of the game itself.

“It’s a huge game, because it’s [two] of the best teams in the province,” he said.

Both teams share a storied rivalry. According to Brouillard, former Cinque Stelle players currently play for Sporting Montreal, adding that the games between the two are “always emotional.”

As the two rivals prepare to lock horns in just a few weeks, both team representatives expressed their gratitude on being invited to the event.

“It’s a great honour, we’re going to do our best to please people who are going to be there to give a good show.”