For a Qualified President, Vote for Chuck

Chuck Wilson is the epitome of “qualified” when it comes to the position of Presidency of the Concordia Student Union. I have had the privilege of working with Chuck for over a year now within the Engineering Faculty, and I can attest that there is no better person suited to be the driving force of such an encompassing student association.

Chuck has this incredibly rare ability to see any and all projects to total completion, thereby actually accomplishing the things that he sets out to do. In terms of his endeavours, Chuck is hyper aware of all of the ongoings at Concordia, across all departments, and therefore pursues the things that matter most to students.

As an involved student, I have consulted Chuck on probably every important matter related to my co-curricular involvement that I have ever encountered. Whether it has to do with trying to incorporate an association, or the specifics about booking an event, he just has this super solid understanding of how systems function at Concordia.

Chuck has spent his academic career striving for improvement within Concordia, seeking solutions and alternatives to everything from an individual’s mundane questions to our University’s vision of its future.

He is already a driving, inspirational force within the Engineering Faculty, and I would love nothing more than to see what he will accomplish as President of the CSU.

See what he plans to do for you at Vote for Chuck Wilson, because he actually does things.

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