Five Per Cent of ASFA Students Cast Ballots

The Results Are In: Here is Who Students Voted For in Fall By-Elections

ASFA by-elections took place earlier this week. Courtesy of the Arts and Science Federation of Association.

On Nov. 27, the Arts and Science Federation of Association released the results of the Fall 2022 by-election.

A total of 787 students voted. Voter turnout remained unchanged from the previous general elections, which took place in March 2022.

ASFA Finance Coordinator

It was a tight race for finance coordinator as four candidates ran for the position. Jude Victoria narrowly won the race and will be joining the executive team. 

ELECTED: Jude Victoria (323 votes)

Melissa Siclait (263 votes)

Jonnathan Ian Koonings (181 votes)

Paula Russell (125 votes)

ASFA Student Life Coordinator

Student Life was another position garnering lots of attention in this election. Lana Rashni Silva secured the executive spot.

ELECTED: Lana Rashni Silva (353 votes)

Sagar Chhabaria (220 votes)

Kinu’Kai McCalla (130 votes)

Sampreet Arneja (69 votes)

ENUF Concordia

Sustainability was on the ballot this election. A total of 581 students voted in favour of the sustainability curriculum proposed by ENUF Concordia, a sign that arts and science students seem to want their faculties to incorporate environmental principles into their programs.

Applied Human Sciences Student Association

Madalynn Murray was voted as vice president of academic (39 votes). Meanwhile, Isabel Henle secured a spot as vice-president of social (40 votes) and Justin Di Paolo as vice-president of co-social (37 votes). Vice-President of external was awarded to Jeeviga Kantapodi (39 votes).

Biology Student Association

Three candidates ran for vice presidency of finance for the BSA. Queena Ng was elected (32 votes), only marginally winning against Ioanna Toutas (30 votes). Michael Persico was appointed as vice president of internal affairs (34 votes).

Concordia German Language Student Association

The sole candidate, Marc-Antoine Poulin was awarded the spot of vice-presidency of the CGLSA with one single vote.

Concordia Religion Student Association

 William Maloney ran unopposed for the spot of ASFA councillor and won (11 votes). Presidency of the CRSA was given to Layla Rudy (12 votes). Vice-president of academics was given to Helen Apesos (12 votes). Kodiak Tabody took the spot of vice president of finance (11 votes). Lastly, Kanika Codrington was appointed as vice-president of social (12 votes). All candidates ran unopposed.

Health, Kinesiology, Applied Science Student Association

Midori Saijo Massicotte was elected as the first-year representative for the HKSPSA (38 votes).

Sociology & Anthropology Student Union

Mily Flores was appointed as finance coordinator (63 votes).  Kim Poirier was elected as editor-in-chief of stories from Montreal for the SASU (65 votes). The general coordinator position was awarded to Veronica Galavis (63 votes). Roselle Villanueva was elected as stories from Montreal podcast producer of the SASU (70 votes).

School of Community and Public Affairs Student Association

Béatrice Poulin, Ugonna Maduabuchi, Hana Sherafati Zanganeh, Jay S.C., Veronica Galavis, Lacey Boudreau, Suha Saeed, John Nathaniel and Samuel Gold ran for positions on the SCPASA. Each secured a spot as ASFA councillor (28 votes), communications secretary (30 votes), executive secretary (31 votes), finance secretary (28 votes), social affairs secretary (30 votes), academic affairs & advocacy secretary (32 votes), immigration studies representatives (29 votes), community outreach executive (32 votes) and first-year representative (33 votes), respectively.

Economics Student Society

Running unopposed, Arnau Payette secured the spot as president (26 votes).