Fight the Power

The anti-hike campaign will do more harm than good? Can’t wait to read the next article asking the student reps to instead shell out for old-fashioned student-subsidized three-day beer benders!

Like many others being “coerced” to believe things in the Concordia Student Union’s Orwellian Ministry of Love, I will have graduated well before the full impact of these hikes is felt. 

But like them, I am prepared to fight to keep our university, and education in general, free from the perversions of market philistinism as universities have largely been for nine centuries or so. 

Woznica’s argument hinges on the assumption that this government is composed of sensitive leaders whose feelings will be hurt if we are not nice to them, when they are in fact functionaries whose tagline is waste and corruption.

The CSU has estimated, and I think they are right, that the only way to be heard above the din of the privatization ideology is with outright defiance.

—Richard Hinton
MA Sociology

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