FASA Supports the Muslim Students Association

As Fine Arts students at Concordia, we would like to express our deep concern for the invasive and disrespectful news report that targeted the Muslim Students Association in recent weeks.

The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) is committed to defending the rights of all students in Fine Arts and across Concordia and to promoting a campus free of discrimination and hate. We were dismayed to see this attack towards a fellow undergraduate association.

TVA’s recent intrusion to the MSA library, parading as “journalism,” has only served to reinforce the recent worrisome media dialogue of fear and Islamophobia. Further, the University’s response has not directly defended the interests of student associations on campus, and FASA is concerned with activities that support the censorship of information.

Students should be permitted to critically engage with information from a diversity of opinions without being targeted for these sources. FASA’s by-laws state our dedication to promoting the “inclusion of communities traditionally marginalized based on gender, sexual orientation, race, economic status, language ability, religion preference, age, ability and other intersecting forms of oppression.”

We would therefore like to express our solidarity with the Muslim Students Association and have extended our offer of support. We hope in the future to work alongside this association and others on campus towards the creation of a safer and more inclusive Concordia.

-Kristina Parker on behalf of the Fine Arts Student Alliance