Editorial: Don’t Let the Pressure to Have Fun Stop You from Having Fun

As You Navigate Through These First Few Weeks, Take the Path That’s Right For You

The first few weeks of a new school year can be a stressful time. New course material, meeting new people, it can all contribute to added stress. And along with trying to fit into a new environment can come the pressure to drink and smoke, go out, and hook up.

While some people find it easy to run with everything and participate in all of this, others can find that draining. Maybe it’s not your thing to be the life of the party, or maybe you want to get a handle on a new city or new school before jumping headfirst into things. Here’s the thing: That’s OK too.

University is supposed to be this massive, incredible time in everyone’s life. It’s supposed to be where you build lifelong friendships, have plenty of great nights to remember, and really discover yourself. That’s a lot of pressure, though. As fun as all of that may sound, when you’re thrust right into things, it’s not great to feel like you have to do that right away or risk wasting away your precious years.

You don’t need to cave to the pressure to be everything. You can take your time and discover things at your own pace as you start on this university journey. If hitting every nightclub you can from Thursday to Saturday is your speed, great. If staying home and relaxing with Netflix or meeting up with some classmates to help get a grasp on new classes then making the choice to not go out, that’s also good. Maybe you fall somewhere in between? Just as good.

On a more personal side of things—hookups. Now, this might mean different things for everyone. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that you feel completely comfortable no matter how far you (and your partner) decide to take things. If you want to explore things sexually, and you feel safe and comfortable, roll with it.

Try new things and express yourself without letting anyone’s judgements or expectations be what bring you down. On the other hand, don’t let expectations make you feel like you need to chase this either.

Follow what makes you feel good, whether that means taking the time to test yourself out of your comfort zone a bit or realizing that maybe tonight isn’t the night for that.

Moderation is never a bad bet either. With Frosh having just finished, the idea of getting smashed 24/7 because it’s cool has been on full display. Remember, you can find a middle ground if you’re someone who wants to have a drink and explore some of the party scene in Montreal.

You can choose to go home or stay out, without feeling like you’re not doing things right one way or the other. It’s all about finding what fits for you.

As new experiences and situations come at you, take the time to enjoy things, and to do so your way. If you’re not sure what yours is yet, then take the time to enjoy finding out in a comfortable way, without extra pressure.