Don’t @ me: It’s getting colder and darker, and I don’t like it

Tips from beyond the sun to keep you warm and engaged during the winter time

It’s cold out, but here’s some advice on how to stay warm and cozy. Graphic Joey Bruce

Don’t get me wrong, winter is great, but my body is still reeling from the seasonal change prompting a dark sky at 4 p.m. Here’s how I deal with the cold weather. 

In the morning, I brew a scalding cup of tea with extra honey to remind me that I have a mouth and that I need to eat. I then make toast and I’ll make sure to look at the sky and the trees for some morning mindfulness. Eating after I’ve had my warm beverage helps me feel a bit less like I’m cryogenically frozen in the hours that follow. Music is a great way to get on the move, but if I have time for a silent morning I’ll probably go for that instead. Plus, I’m usually more focused and in a better mood if I start the day without any stimuli. 

If I ever find myself washing my hands with hot water, I’ll take advantage of it and bring my joints back to full mobility, while also making sure I’m staying safe this season. Doing dishes has the added incentive of not being cold!

The dark afternoons are here so make sure you stock up on warm string lights, led strips, warm light bulbs, and the occasional leafy plant to ground your space. Lighting is instrumental in staying productive when it’s dark out. Relinquishing to the dark can get a bit depressing if you haven’t taken advantage of the wee morning hours. Turn on that overhead oven light and bask in the kitchen glow. 

I also recommend placing different light sources at different angles to create ambiance. Paper lanterns, bluetooth light bulbs, and candles make for a more interesting interior decoration. They’re also easy to find at a dollar store and they don’t break the bank.

If you’ve been gravitating towards buying a fleece parka, then you probably have a good survival instinct. I’ll wear my parka for the extra comfort a normal hoodie just doesn’t provide ,despite the off-chance of drifting into a deep and relaxing sleep whenever I put it on. I’ll most likely grab some long johns if I need to get dressed, because there’s virtually no chance some icy cold jeans will touch me. Do yourself a favour and tuck your under-layer into your socks and waistband.

Always have slippers on hand, preferably the ones with hard soles so you can stomp out the cold trying to make its way through the floor. Your toes deserve warmth.

It’s cold and dark out which is why these tips are more important than ever. Most importantly don’t forget to take care of the person inside all the winter layers, and everyone around you this season.