Doing More for Movember

Get Ready to Groom That Upper Lip Landscape

Photo Matthew Hood

Rocking a moustache is not for the faint at heart—it’s a duty that only the selfless grab by the handlebars in the name of Movember.

For the entire month of November, men—and even some women—from near and far proudly don coiffed moustaches to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.

The main goal is to educate the masses about the deadly disease that affects one in six men—a terrifying number that has compelled over 450,000 people worldwide to join the movement by sporting a smile and a ‘stache.

Marketing entrepreneurs Jake Sutherland and Peter Raimondo started a citywide Movember promotion campaign last year, called Team Five One Four, which raised over $13,000. This year, their goal is higher—they’ve expanded the team in the hopes of putting Montreal’s unique mark on Movember and expect to raise $30,000 for the cause.

“We’ve made the jump to orchestrating a network of teams within our culturally diverse city,” said Sutherland, explaining how these teams fundraise themselves. “So far, we have 15 teams that are registered and we hope that it will grow exponentially.”

Both Sutherland and Raimondo have been especially successful at recruiting young Montrealers to join the movement. Little to no convincing is ever necessary, as the twosome aim to make fundraising an exciting initiative.

“I look at Movember as an extension of Halloween—you can dress your moustache into a persona and make it your own,” said Raimondo. “It’s a fun way of raising awareness, which makes the movement that much more awesome.”

“Last year, we produced popular YouTube videos and threw club parties to encourage participation,” added Sutherland. “Young people need to set an example. These issues have been overlooked by the generations before us. We need to take action now.”

Although the month of Movember is dedicated to prostate cancer awareness, there are no limitations on who can sport a moustache. Raimondo says that initially, his girlfriend wasn’t a fan of his “Mo” look.
“Now that she understands why I’ve chosen to wear a lip warmer for an entire month. She has been recruited: success.”

Amanda Varano, captain of ‘The MObeauties’ of Five One Four, a team within the greater Five One Four network, believes that ladies should slap on their faux lip rugs without hesitation.
“I’ve had family members who were diagnosed with prostate cancer,” she said. “The men in our lives believe in this initiative and we should stand behind them.”

Team Five One Four has impressively encapsulated a diverse set of teams that are collectively proud and eager to make Movember a memorable month.

With the support of numerous organizations including the Concordia Student Union, these Mo-bros and Mo-sistas are making a profound statement that will resonate within the community.

“It’s such a great feeling to spot a fellow Mo-bro on the street. You give each other that acknowledging nod and feed off of each other’s pride,” said Moosetache team leader Angelo Esposito. “At times, the ‘staches looks creepy, but it’s inspiring to see my dedicated Mo-bros wearing them for the 30 days of Movember. The moustache brings people together.”

Getting involved with the ever-so-innovative Five One Four network is as simple as shaping a pencil moustache. It all starts with a little hair growth and the desire to be a part of something remarkable.
Funds collected by the Movember movement benefit Prostate Cancer Canada, as well as research funds and support programs around the world.

_To join a team, contact Five One Four’s Movember kickoff party will take place Nov. 2 at 7 p.m.­­ at Pinq Taco on 3612 St. Laurent Blvd.
Donations and sign-ups are graciously accepted._