CUTV Needs You!

Real-life TV heads may have caught your attention roaming Concordia’s campus this week. This attempt at 3D TV is no joke; these TV heads want you to know that CUTV is your TV.

Students’ concerns deserve more attention in our media and this is why we want to become the first REAL campus-community channel in Quebec.

To help us make this much-needed TV channel a reality, we need your support on Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1.

Vote ‘yes’ for CUTV. Here’s why: In the past year, CUTV’s content has exploded. From almost no regular programming, the station now has six weekly shows on topics as varied as news, arts and culture, comedy, food and sustainability, music and independent film. All this student-produced content has made us among the biggest campus TV stations on the continent.

In expanding our programming, the station followed two strategies. The first was to offer an un-editorialized look at campus politics as a tool for increased transparency and accountability at Concordia. CUTV also broadcasts news from all the levels of governance to keep students as informed as possible.

The second strategy was to exhibit the beautifully diverse artistic and cultural communities that make up Concordia. CUTV has helped countless groups on campus promote their groundbreaking work.

On campus, CUTV has helped improve the political culture at Concordia. The Concordia Student Union Council was one of the first student councils in the world to be live-streamed following the rules of decorum that parliamentary broadcasters follow.

The live-stream has become the official archive of the student union and decreased student apathy significantly. This innovative project gave students the means to demand the same access to all governing bodies at our university.

More recently, on the province-wide Day of Action against tuition hikes, CUTV sent more than 100 “Dear Charest” video letters to Quebec politicians. These letters portray what students think of the hikes, and the campaign ranked in the top 50 most-viewed channels on YouTube, Canada-wide.

In arts and culture coverage, CUTV is acknowledged as the hope of the English community to showcase its’ diversity. Groups like the English Language Arts Network of Quebec and the Quebec Drama Federation are partnering with CUTV on special projects and endorse our application for a TV broadcast license.

Help CUTV broadcast media that represents you. We want to amplify your content on our airwaves. Under the CRTC, we have a right to it, so vote yes!

—Laura Kneale
CUTV Station Manager

[The Link was unable to confirm claims made in this letter before press time.]