CSU to Host Workshops on Community Activism

Recipes for Change to Start Next Week

Students can attend weekly Wednesday workshops starting Jan. 17 through April 11 at the Centre for Teaching and Learning in the SGW campus. Photo Courtesy Concordia Student Union

2017 came with a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment and hate speech in Quebec, and it’s motivated the Concordia Student Union to create a new hands-on multi-workshop program to challenge it.

Recipes for Change: A Seminar in Community Organizing is a semester-long workshop series that teaches students how to play the active role of organizing social movements that fight for change.

“These workshops are designed to equip students with tools that are used on a daily basis, specific to areas of activism,” the External Affairs and Mobilization Coordinator of the CSU, Ahmed Badr, said.

“They are designed to teach students how to build campaigns they believe in from scratch.”

It is also the first time that the CSU is offering a long-term practical workshop series with tools and skills needed to build a successful social justice campaign.

Each workshop will be given by activists who are already involved in social justice activities. Workshops are expected to cover practical skills like how to finance campaign projects, improve media skills and techniques, and provide attendees with legal information.

Students can also expect more theory-based workshops that will examine successful campaigns in the past, like the 2012 student strike.

“Another vital aspect is the context of activism in Quebec and on a global scale, which is why Recipes for Change is also sharing stories of successful and landmark campaigns in order to give a wider understanding of what activism can look like,” Badr said.

“Sometimes activism can be intimidating, and this is a great opportunity to learn some history, meet other activists and gain valuable skills.”

Students passionate for activism can attend weekly Wednesday workshops starting Jan. 17 through April 11 at the Centre for Teaching and Learning in the SGW campus. Seminars will be 2 to 3 hours long and usually start at 4:00 p.m. ending around 7:00 p.m.

Those who participate in 80 per cent of the workshops can also earn a CSU certificate in community organization. Students will have the chance to add the certificate to their co-curricular record of their official transcripts.

The last day to register was Jan. 11. However, students who wish to attend specific workshops without registering must come on a first come first serve basis.

Recipes for Change is free and only available to undergraduates. For more information on specific workshops and the certificate, check out their website or visit their Facebook page.