CSU Daycare Moves into Design Phase

Council of the Concordia Student Union Approves Motion to Fund Architectural Plans

  • The building of the future Concordia Student Union Daycare located on the downtown campus. File Photo Nikolas Litzenberger

Development of the new Concordia Student Union Daycare and Nursery is moving forward with an injection of $20,500 after council approved a motion to fund and prepare the architectural design.

“We’re just finishing up the design phase,” said CSU Academic and Advocacy Coordinator Marion Miller. “And the engineers that are doing the structural and electromechanical work will help us transition into construction and renovation.”

The money will come out of the Student Space, Accessible Education and Legal Contingency fund (SSAELC).

Leading the design is Maggy Apollon of Maggy Apollon Architecture, who Miller says was chosen for her experience and her contacts. Apollon has worked on over 30 daycare projects, according to Miller—including at UQAM and McGill—and recommended trusted engineers for this one.

The design has to be submitted to and approved by the Ministre de la Famille before construction can start, Miller explained.

If any changes are requested by the Ministre, she said the $20,500 will be sufficient to cover that as well—though Miller thinks that’s unlikely to happen with Apollon on board. Any money left over afterwards will be returned to the SSAELC.

“It’s very nearly done,” Miller said. Once completed and submitted, she expects to hear back from the Ministre about the dossier in three to five weeks.

Whenever any money is taken out of the SSAELC, it must be approved by the Fund Committee. Miller said that acceptance is almost an automatic process—by the next CSU meeting the funds are expected to pass.

“It’s moving ahead,” Miller said. “We’ll have the little babies in there soon.”

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