Concordia Recommends Masking on Campus

Health Guidelines Updated as Winter Settles In

Concordia has proposed recommendations to help students protect against COVID-19. File Photo Caroline Marsh

Concordia has recommended all students wear masks on campus once again, regardless of whether they have symptoms of COVID-19.

Following recent recommendations from Quebec Minister of Health Christian Dubé, the university informed students of what they can do to keep themselves and those around them safe on Nov. 18 via email.

The changes come as a result of heavy increases in hospitalization numbers caused by respiratory viruses in Quebec. These include COVID-19, the flu and respiratory syncytial virus. The last has been infecting young children at a higher rate than usual.

“Along with cold weather comes ‘cold season.’ Cases of respiratory infection are on the rise,” said Concordia Provost Anne Whitelaw and President Graham Carr in the email. “We continue to monitor public health recommendations and we will share any further updates to guidelines for the Concordia community.”

Students have been advised to wear masks on campus, stay home if they have any symptoms, and get vaccinated for both the flu and COVID-19. Masks and hand sanitizer will remain available across campus for the time being, though it appears some dispensers have not been refilled.

Free flu shots will be available on campus for those who meet provincial early vaccination criteria on Nov. 22. To book a COVID-19 or flu shot outside Concordia, visit Quebec’s Clic Santé portal.