Concordia Comedy Publication ‘Hindwing’ Launches Third Issue

Kate Hammer Served Controversial Cilantro Nachos at Launch

‘Hindwing,’ Concordia’s student-run comedy pulblication lauched its third issue. Photo Abegail Ranaudo
Inés P. Anaya performed at the Nacho Launch-O on Nov. 21. Photo Abegail Ranaudo

Last Thursday, I entered the Blue Dog Motel bar/barbershop to hear Freddy Mercury’s uncaged voice playing in the background.

“I want to break free,” he sang.

Kate Hammer, founder of Hindwing, greeted me at the door with a full smile and fitted dark dress that cut just above the knee.

Hindwing, a Concordia student-run comedy paper, will break free soon enough. The team is working towards making it an official club, a recognized part of Concordia.

The third issue is on the stands now.

Hammer invested their time and money to get the paper out and flying off the stands in the corridors of Concordia.

“It was kind of a leap into blind faith to do everything,” they said.

‘Hindwing’ aims to bring people who love comedy together. Photo Abegail Ranaudo

They noted that, though there are several publications on campus like The Void and Soliloquies, the kind of tone that they have is very specific.

Hammer has a comedic voice that did not fit into any of the existing publications.

“We need an outlet for comedy,” they said.

They wanted to validate the comedic voice, especially for students seeking to build one. For Hammer, step one was building a community that celebrated the art.

Hindwing’s Nacho Launch-O is the latest event they organized. Nachos cooked to a delicious crisp were served all night. Managing editor Benny Langedyk said they weren’t sure about the choice to include cilantro as a prominent flavour for the dish.


Next spring, Hindwing will be organizing a gala, and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

“Last year, we donated all of our launch proceeds to Taking What We Need, which is a trans-rights [organization] in Montreal,” they said.

Hammer will be graduating soon and will have to leave her position at Hindwing behind. As a full-time writer and narrative director, Hammer will further dive into the pool of opportunities being offered to them outside of school. Hammer’s smile grew as they expressed relief and excitement to leave the classroom behind.

“I feel like we get all these submissions. We edit them. There’s this kind of weird period where there is the calm before the storm, and then it exists.” — Benny Langedyk

“I am excited to, what is it called?” they asked, turning to Langedyk. “To rule the world.”

Hindwing is this amazing blend of traditional comedy, comedic literature, comedic poetry, and satire as well,” said Langedyk.

Langedyk produced the style guide used by the publication’s copy editors.

“I’m feeling optimistic,” said Langedyk, “but also cautious about a fire hazard.” I exploded in laughter realizing there were candles lighting up the bar close to crocheted chains of Hindwing newspapers. The bar could burst into flames as we spoke.

Laura Mota, social media director for Hindwing, also acknowledged the small candles dispersed around the place.


“Maybe everything will catch fire, hopefully not,” she said giggling. According to Mota, an event needs that kind of suspense.

Each semester, Langedyk looks forward to seeing the paper out.

“I feel like we get all these submissions. We edit them. There’s this kind of weird period where there is the calm before the storm, and then it exists,” they said. “It gets printed and it’s a real thing.”

There were candles decorating the Blue Dog Motel bar. Photo Abegail Ranaudo

Currently, Hindwing is funded by the Concordia Student Union, the Concordia Council on Student Life, and the Concordia University Alumni Association.

Mota and her team want to make Hindwing social media outlets as interactive and accessible as possible to local comedians in Montreal.


“We want to make it fun; we want to make people laugh,” said Mota.

On Nov. 21, Travis Cannon, James Brown, Solly Eli Krygier-Paine, Inés P. Anaya, Guzzo Desforges, James Sosnicky, and Sarah Swinwood, and more, took the stage as both writers and stand-up comedians. They were all hilarious.

“You know the pain you feel from laughing so much? That’s what I’m expecting [tonight],” said Mota.

That night, I got so consumed by laughter—I might owe Hammer a beer after this.