Concordia Bomb Hoax Suspect Could Face 30 Month Sentence

Hisham Saadi Was Stressed Ahead of Two Exams in Three Days

  • Hisham Saadi’s sentencing decision will take place on Oct. 5 File Photo Alex Baily

Hisham Saadi’s sentencing ran throughout Monday afternoon. Saadi was convicted this past June after issuing a bomb threat to Concordia University in March 2017.

According to The Gazette the 49 year old, who was studying in economics for his doctorate degree, had two exams over three days and was under a great deal of stress.

The idea to send the bomb threats was prompted after noticing a negative reaction to posters encouraging Muslim women to wear hijabs. “I decided to mix Islamophobia with terrorism,” Saadi said, according to the The Gazette.


A week before issuing the bomb threat to the Muslim Student Association and various media outlets, Saadi began medicating himself, wrote The Gazette, taking three times the recommended dosage of anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. Saadi said he even contemplated suicide while in the metro.

Saadi will be facing a prison term of at last two years followed by three years of probation. Quebec Court Judge Mélanie Hebert will make her decision on Oct. 5.

The original publication of this article stated that Saadi could potentially be sentenced for two years, whereas he actually faced the possibility of a 30 month sentence. It also originally framed Saadi’s quotes as if they were given in an individual interview with The Gazette, though these quotes were actually referencing things Saadi said publicly in court. Clarification was also added to the lede to mention that Saadi’s sentencing began and finished on Sept. 24. The Link regrets the errors.

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