Caroline Bourbonnière for ASFA President

As President of Concordia’s Political Science Student Association, I endorse Caroline Bourbonnière in her race for Arts and Science Federation of Associations president.

I believe she’s the most qualified candidate and will raise its standards of excellence. With passion, she has been key in the PSSA’s success this year, filling up our wine and cheese events, bringing in world-renowned speakers and Middle Eastern ambassadors.

Caroline is a strong advocate for women’s rights, and is organizing Women’s Month. She will be bringing inspirational and empowered women, such as the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, to come speak to the PSSA and her Concordia Student Union club Volunteers in Actions of which she is president.

At the same time, she provides support to the homeless by delivering home-made food every week, and collaborates with various non-governmental organizations.
I urge you to consider Caroline Bourbonnière’s platform and posters to build your opinion.

Does she have what it takes to be president? Yes. She’s got a fiery passion and the strong leadership skills to make ASFA yours.

—Pier-Luc Therrien
Political Science Student Association President

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