Plastic Bag Ban Across Canada

An NDP MP introduced a private member’s bill on Monday to ban plastic shopping bags across the country. With the widespread use of reusable bags and alternative carrying solutions, petroleum-based, non-recyclable bags should be obsolete, according to MP Irene Mathyssen.

Mom Boucher Stabbed in Jail

The former leader of the Montreal’s Hells Angels, Maurice Boucher, was stabbed in the courtyard of the Ste. Anne des Plaines penitentiary last Saturday. He was treated at the prison. Serving three life sentences, Boucher escaped a previous attempt where his attacker was stabbed 21 times.

Montreal to Host French Forum

The members of La Francophonie decided on Sunday that Quebec would host a special forum on the French language in 2012. Organized by La Francophonie, the gathering’s mandate and speakers list is still undecided.

Reno Hits a Snag

The $700 million renovation project of the Parliament buildings could be halted if the opposition has its way. Allegations of contracts being given to political allies, construction money funneled to Conservative MPs, shoddy work and an RCMP investigation threaten to derail the project.

Tough New Rules on Immigration

Last Thursday, federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced new measures to crack down on human smuggling. However, immigration experts warn the new laws would penalize legitimate refugees desperate enough to pay people to move them. Half of Canada’s roughly 20,000 refugees per year use illegal means to seek asylum.

WikiLeaks Drops Iraq War Logs

At 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 22, WikiLeaks released the largest number of classified military documents in history with 391,832 battlefield reports from the Iraq War being made public.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 11, published October 26, 2010.