Stabed to Death

A 26-year-old man stabbed outside a bar in Point St. Charles last month succumbed to his injuries and died on Sept. 30. The attack occurred on Sept. 9 and became Montreal’s 30th homicide in 2010. By this same date last year, there were 23 murders recorded in the city.

Bombardier and Alstom Get Metro Contract

The lucrative contract for the construction of 374 new cars for Montreal’s metro system has been awarded to the Bombardier-Alstom conglomerate. The new cars will cost about $1.3 billion, or half of what Spanish firm CAF bid for the project. Bombardier’s contract is expected to create 800 jobs in Quebec.

Stabbings in Montreal North

Two men were stabbed during a street fight in Montreal North on Oct. 3. Reports state that they were mobbed by a larger group near the intersection of Langelier Boulevard and Maurice Duplessis Boulevard. At press time, the condition of the victims was still unknown.

New Shale Gas Regulations

Energy companies will have to receive permission from Quebec’s environmental minister to drill for shale gas in the St. Lawrence River. Thirty wells currently drilling along the riverbank were authorized by the province’s minister of natural resources, but not the environmental minister. The new law was designed to protect Quebec’s drinking water, which could potentially be contaminated by the drilling.

Seville Goes Down

After years of decaying on Ste. Catherine Street West, the once popular Seville Theatre was torn down on Oct. 4. The destruction made way for the $100 million development project spearheaded by the Preval and Claridge investment firm. Under Preval and Claridge’s plan, 450 condos will be built on the Seville’s former site.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 08, published October 5, 2010.