AVEQ Starts The Year Without a General Coordinator

Remaining Executives Are Picking Up GC Responsibilities As They Look For Replacement

AVEQ at a recent congress earlier in the Summer. Photo Miriam Lafontaine.
Former General Coordinator of AVEQ, Christopher Gyorffy. Photo by Jonathan Caragay-Cook.
Photo Brian Lapuz.

The Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec has been without a general coordinator for over a month since Christopher Gyorffy stepped down from the position in July.

This article has been updated.

Since then, the other five AVEQ executives have been filling in that role, with Secretary General Rami Yahia “taking up most of the responsibilities,” according to Research and Education Coordinator Sophia Sahrane.

Gyorffy was not reachable for comment. Kristen Perry, their mobilization and associative development coordinator says he resigned over personal reasons.

Their member associations—the Concordia Student Union, Mouvements d’associations générales étudiantes de l’Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, and L’Association générale étudiante de l’Université du Québec à Rimouski—called for a special by-election to fill the position after Gyorffy’s resignation.

The election was initially scheduled for early September, but because the association’s call for applicants to the position went unanswered, it could not take place, said Perry.

“[The by-election] could be in a month, or next semester, or whenever,” said Perry.

While AVEQ is a non-hierarchical association, Perry admitted that the general coordinator’s role is important, as they oversee the entire association.

“Luckily we have a secretary general that can take on a lot of the administrative work, and the rest of us have done a lot of representation [for AVEQ] over the summer all over the province,” she added.

Perry, who was also on the executive team last year, mentioned there is a great difference between their newly configured six-member executive committee and last year’s two-to-three executive committee that they used to have. Though each person is still getting accustomed to their new roles, that expansion is allowing other executives to assume some of the general coordinator’s tasks.

“We didn’t even have a secretary general last year, so those roles are being redefined as we’re working this year,” Perry offered as an example.

“It doesn’t feel like much of an upheaval, and everyone is fitting into their roles nicely so far,” she continued.

The previous iteration of this article stated that AVEQ had 8 other executives without the general coordinator. There are only 5 other executives. The Link regrets the error.