Artbreak Hotel

Hotel Opens its Doors, Hosts Art

The Espresso Hotel on Guy Street will be transformed into an Arthotel on Sept. 3, becoming an unlikely venue for 16 films, visual art and performance pieces, dance and music for one night.

Taking place in various spaces—hotel rooms, the pool, the parking garage and the conference room—will change the hotel from a tourist haven to a vibrant microcosm of local art.

Crystle Reid, a recent Concordia theatre graduate and the brains behind the event, explained that the pieces are varied, ranging from “serious pieces to spooky ones,” and include some interactive art.

Spectators are welcome to move through the space at their own pace. All the pieces will be performed on repeat all night, so visitors can move freely from one room to the next, partaking in a choose-your-own-adventure evening of art and culture.

For Reid, Arthotel exists as “a place to connect and experiment with other artists,” bringing people with varied interests together.

Reid said to expect heavy metal music from “Opera Suicide” and beautifully introspective theatre from “in actu.”

The Arthotel will host the work of Ryan Hurl, who will present a theatrical exploration of gender issues. It will also feature an interpretation from “Sheep in Fog”, the winners of the Best Local English Production Award at the 2010 Montreal Fringe Festival last June.

To make the most out of the hotel, Reid said, the audience should “take advantage of the moment.”

Arthotel will take place at Hotel Espresso (1005 Guy St.) on Sept. 3. The event begins at 8 p.m. and costs $15 at the door.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 03, published August 31, 2010.