AIESEC Concordia, Leaders Beyond Tomorrow

“Why we do, what we do?” International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) is the largest international student-run organization offering students internships and volunteering opportunities abroad. Bonded by our AIESEC values, we build globally minded leaders of tomorrow.

Our Local Committee currently comprises seven portfolios where the competition can be felt throughout the recent introduction of member levels. This initiative was undertaken by AIESEC Canada Talent Management to help members develop their competitive skills and competencies by advancing in levels through overcoming challenges.

AIESEC Concordia encompasses an amazing leadership-driven experience. Time-management for VPs and members is not a constraint. As Niki Fonseca, VP Marketing and Communications, said, “We love what we do.” Is there too much workload or pressure? Not at all! Members are very optimistic and motivated as they receive incredible support from leaders.

Recently we organized an AIESEC week, a week full of activities where we networked with students at Concordia, and shared an amazing cross-cultural experience during the Global Village.

This year, one of our main focuses is on our partnership program, which is developed by conducting sales blitz/cold call sessions, and allowing members to experience the sales world. Also, the Local Committee stresses on frequent information/tabling sessions in order to promote outgoing exchange.

In AIESEC, we set the stage for change-makers. “Teach Colombia” delineates one of our recent internship programs in Colombia. Our LC is currently in search of 200 Canadian youth leaders, who will impact the lives of Colombia children who do not have access to good education, by empowering other citizens to use their talent to make the world a better place.

Conferences play a major role in our organization; namely, the Quebec Regional Conference, National Congress and National Leadership Development Conference provide an enriching experience to AIESEC members, who seize the opportunity to network with people across Canada doing the same job as us.

Conferences are inspirational, as they capture fascinating stories about thoughts, hopes, dreams and experiences. Members are encouraged to display their imagination, creativity and dynamism through a set of activities and build a valuable relationship with other LCs in Canada. There are endless opportunities ahead in AIESEC. Don’t wait! Apply now!

—Kunal Ramchurn, AIESEC social media manager

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