• Piping Hot Resistance

    Fundraiser Seeks to Support Indigenous Resistance to Oil Pipelines

    Activists “piped up” Saturday night to raise awareness about the Energy East Pipeline and fundraise for the Unist’ot’en Camp, a hotbed of grassroots resistance fighting for indigenous peoples’ right to their land in British Columbia.

  • Art in the Atrium

    Concordia Greenhouse Welcomes Students for Workshop on Creating Zines

    Gathered on the top floor of the Hall building, a small group of students sat quietly among shelves of plants, carefully cutting, pasting and glittering a fresh batch of artistic booklets.

  • Hope Sprouts Eternal in Multidisciplinary Soil Panel

    Science, Art and Activism Unite for Sustainable Solutions to Dirty Questions

    “The difference between soil and dirt is that soil is alive while dirt is dead.”

  • Concordia Panel Explores the Work of Aboriginal Artists in the Digital Sphere

    Can the digital realm exist as decolonized space? This was one of the topics discussed at last Friday’s panel discussion “Aboriginal Territories in Digital Space” in the EV building’s auditorium.

  • TRAC Off Track

    Union Will Remain Without Executive Until Heard by National Body

    Internal fighting is threatening to derail Concordia’s teaching assistants’ bargaining power with the university.

  • Teachin’ about Austerity

    Concordia Students Join Together in Teach-In to Fight Austerity

    Members of the recently mobilized Solidarity Concordia want to bring political activism to students by connecting different Concordia student groups for a weeklong conference on anti-austerity projects at the beginning of February.

  • CSU-Run Daycare Project Moving Forward, Reggie’s to Remain Closed Until September

    CSU Executives Meet with University to Find a Space for a New Daycare on Campus

    Concordia Student Union executives have begun meeting with university administrators to try to find a space on campus for a CSU-run daycare.

  • Casting Out PTSD

    Fly Fishing in the Lachine Canal Helps Veterans Tackle Mental Illness

    Benoit Sorel throws his gear into an old army duffle bag, gets on his bike and hits the Lachine Canal’s waterfront bike trail. He surveys Montreal as he outfits himself with waders and water-repellent clothing. He can see flashes of perch below the water awaiting his drifting line. With one motion after the other, Sorel loses himself in the act of fly fishing.

  • Canadian Academic Anthony Stewart Speaks about Race in Canada

    Canadians tend to tell themselves that issues of racism are not as bad as in the United States. Some, according to Anthony Stewart, will go as far as to proclaim that racism is not a problem here.

  • Surprise Surprise: Capitalism Fuels Income Inequality

    It takes money to make money. An individual on an average wage has little chance of making it to the one per cent, and there is a tremendous lack of equal opportunity. Julius Grey addressed this inequality in a talk at Concordia on Tuesday evening.