• BDS Movement Question Altered to Exclude Israeli Human Rights Violations

    The referendum question asking the Concordia Student Union to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel will appear differently on ballots than what students used to campaign with days leading up to the vote.

  • UPDATE: BDS Movement Question Altered to Exclude Mention of Israeli Human Rights Violations

    UPDATE : The CSU Judicial Board chose to use the alternate referendum question created by the CSU CEO Andre-Marcel Baril, which states, “Do you approve of the CSU endorsing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel?”

  • Protest Against Racism and Austerity Demands Government Leave Iraq and Syria

    Peacefully marching through downtown Saturday, approximately 50 protesters denounced government budgets cuts at a time of military intervention in the Middle East and militarized research and development.

  • A Guide to the November CSU By-elections

    Concordia Student Union by-elections are taking place Nov. 25, 26 and 27. Councillors are running for all faculties except Fine Arts. The only uncontested position is the Independent councillor. Here are your candidates…

  • Business and Sustainability, Sitting in a Tree

    Sustainable Business Entrepreneurs on Why Business Needs to Effect Change

    Hope for social and environmental change is in the hands of small private sector businesses, according to one of Rise Kombucha’s founders.

  • Hundreds Express Opposition to Shipping Albertan Oil Eastward

    Hundreds of students denounced the construction of oil pipelines in Quebec by taking to the streets of downtown Montreal on Saturday. The protest was organized by Étudiants et étudiantes contre les oléoducs, a new coalition of student associations looking to block Albertan oil from being transported to eastern Canada through TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline and a reversal of the flow along Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline.

  • Room and Board Students Can Afford

    CSU Invites Development Organization to Present Student Housing Studies to Council

    Finding decent housing as a student is the hardest part about settling into a new city. How much should students be paying? Which areas are best? What are tenant rights in Montreal?

  • Downsized but not Downtrodden

    Thousands Take to the Streets to Express Dissatisfaction with Public Broadcast Cuts

    Chanting “Radio-Canada, c’est à vous, c’est à nous, c’est à toi, c’est à moi!” meaning “It’s yours, it’s ours, it’s yours, it’s mine,” protesters made it clear they believe government budget cuts pose a huge threat to democracy and inhibit the public from having a voice on the radio.

  • Police Injures Onlooker as Austerity Protest Concluded

    A protest against austerity ended with intervention from police, leaving one uninvolved passerby with an injured ankle

    A woman twisted her ankle and was left limping due to physical aggression from a police officer, toward the end of a protest against austerity Wednesday night in downtown Montreal.

  • No Rest for Protests

    Anti-austerity Demonstrations Start Early, End in Pepper Spray

    Around 6:45 a.m., about 40 protesters tried to barricade the doors of Hydro-Quebec headquarters, but were immediately pushed away by police, who almost outnumbered them.