Workshop: Online Privacy and Security Tools and Practices for Journalists

A few days prior to the workshop, Kobeissi—a well-known computer security researcher, developer of the encrypted messaging service Cryptocat and The Link’s former systems administrator—approached a few of our reporters about holding this workshop in light of recent news events surrounding surveillance of journalists and then, of course, the giant National Security Agency leak whereupon it was discovered that the American government is just as terrifying as we’d all expected.

Kobeissi was eager to share his tools and impart his knowledge in hopes of helping to secure our online communications in an increasingly insecure environment.

We were fortunate enough to also have a few members of CUTV come by to listen, learn, and broadcast the workshop live online.

As requested by a group of those unable to attend the workshop, we’ve posted the full two hours here, courtesy of CUTV.

An impromptu hashtag was set up for the event, so check out our Storify below for some notable tweets from the workshop.

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