Who’s running and how to vote in tomorrow’s by-election

The Link's by-election will take place Nov. 5. Here's who's running and how to vote:

Copy Editor
Mzwandile Poncana

Fringe Editor
Jad Abukasm
Ray Resvick

The election will be held via Zoom at 6 p.m. following our regular pitch meeting. Candidates and eligible voters will be contacted with the meeting link.

All staff members can vote in the election. 

To be considered staff, students must have contributed four times to four separate issues. The following people are staff:

Olivier Neven, Michelle Malnasi, Esteban Cuevas, Nicholas Dundorf, Joey Bruce, Marcus Bankuti, April Tardif Levesque, Nanor Froundjian, Elias Grigoriadis, Sheena Macmillan, Alexandre Denis, Mzwandile Poncana, Jad Abukasm, Ray Resvick, Gabriela Vasquez-Rondon, and Evan Milner.

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