Review: Kid Francescoli Makes Canadian Debut avec With Julia

Kid Francescoli makes his Canadian debut under Lisbon Lux Records with his latest record, With Julia.

The dreamy synthetic pop album is making its Canadian premiere all the way from France. Coated in colourful synths, it’s accompanied by slick vocals from Kid Francescoli and features Julia Minkin, the inspiration for the Euro dream-pop album’s title

The project, with its warm and personal atmosphere, invites listeners to a party hosted by the artists. Unlike most of the crazy parties that you’re invited to, this is more of a low-key gathering—where you learn more about your entertainers for the night in a more intimate setting.

“Blow Up,” the lead single from the LP has low pitched piano synths that meet a simple but groovy bassline. The effect of the the two artists singing alongside one another makes for a well-utilized effort of the instrumental that establishes the warm vibe that Kid and Minkin harness together.

The cozy atmosphere is then continued in the next song, “My Baby.” With a xylophone playing in the background, the soft delicacy of the track is undeniable. Minkin presents herself innocently as she channels her inner Nico—think: “Femme Fatale” from The Velvet Underground’s notorious debut album. Her vocals are intoxicating as they draw the listener in for a delightful lullaby that comforts and puts the mind to ease.

“Italia 90” runs in a similar fashion. Its dreamy melody has a light drum rhythm throughout, while the soft guitar playing on the instrumental is comfortably calm to listen to as it’s backed up by the ethereal xylophone playing.

“Does She?” sounds like it could’ve fit into the soundtrack for the 2011 blockbuster film Drive, with our fave, Ryan Gosling. A catchy drum loop starts off the smooth track only to lead into Minkins’s glossy vocals. The song is soaked with synthesizers but doesn’t lend itself to be too overwhelming by using them. It fits a sound that matches her gentle voice entirely.

The instrumentals overall compliment Minkin’s tone well with the way she contributes her vocals to the project. Her voice is elegant in sound but carries weight, coming off grand when paired with the production stylings of Kid Francescoli—who delves into a lot of ethereal sounds.

“Dirty Blonde” showcases the homogenous sounds both artists create together. The production has a spacey feeling to it and is accompanied by Kid Francescoli’s soft vocals. Met later with Julia’s tender approach to singing, the gist of the track feels atmospheric and quite monumental. The cool electric guitar solo thrown into the mix adds to the vibrant feeling of the song.

With Julia is a great start for the French singers/songwriters to debut their talents in Canada. The record establishes from the get-go the kind of vibe you could expect to hear for the entirety of the album. Like I said earlier, the two have invited you over for a very personal gathering that only a select few received invitations to, and you so happen to be one of those chosen few. Once over, you’ll feel nothing but comfort from the duo as they grace you with their dreamy music.

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