Your Concordia, After All

Judicial Board Overturns Electoral Disqualification

Photo Erin Sparks

The month-long drama as to who would run the Concordia Student Union next year has come to an end, as the Your Concordia slate successfully appealed their disqualification from last month’s CSU elections Wednesday.

The slate, represented by President-Elect Lex Gill, pled their case before the Judicial Board, shortly after the Action slate. Both slates were disqualified two weeks ago by Chief Electoral Officer Oliver Cohen, with Your Concordia candidates also being banned from running for elected office for two years.

Action, which was represented by presidential candidate Khalil Haddad, was not successful in overturning Cohen’s ruling. As a result, the victorious candidates from that slate, most of whom were to sit as councillors representing the John Molson School of Business, will not be allowed to take office next year.

The Judicial Board also upheld Cohen’s decision to not reimburse either slate for their electoral expenses.

The proceedings did have one hiccup, when it was pointed out that Judicial Board member Yuri Kuczer was not enrolled in any classes this past semester, which made him ineligible to sit on the board.

More to come.