Where to Go and Who to Call

Resources for Mental Health in Montreal

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A huge part of mental health is knowing where to go to get help if necessary, but the stigma surrounding mental illness, not to mention the cost of treatment, can make that difficult. We’ve compiled a list of resources—many of which are free of charge and operate 24 hours a day—that provide support in a variety of areas.

AMI-Québec: An organization designed to help the family members of those with mental illness, AMI-Québec provides services ranging from roundtable discussions on schizophrenia to counselling sessions. Many of their programs are free.
514-486-1448 or 1-877-303-0264 // amiquebec.org

Head and Hands: Most of its services only extend to those 25 and under, but Head and Hands provides free counselling and seeks to provide an alternative to the often costly private clinics in Montreal by offering a non-judgemental, holistic approach to wellbeing.
514-481-0277 // headandhands.ca

Order of Psychologists in Quebec: A database that lists every permit-holding psychologist in the province, the Order of Psychologists in Quebec website can help locate a professional based on your individual needs. The online search tool helps to narrow your search based on your age, location and reasons for seeking help.
514-738-1223 or 1-800-561-1223 // ordrepsy.qc.ca

Suicide Action Montréal: Suicide Action Montréal is a free phone line that provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to those who are thinking about suicide, have lost someone to suicide, or who are concerned about someone they know. They also hold weekly support groups for those in need.
514-723-4000 (Montreal) or 1-866-277-3553 (outside Montreal) // suicideactionmontreal.org

Centre for Gender Advocacy: The Centre’s Peer Support and Advocacy program, staffed by trained volunteers, offers confidential active listening and help with finding resources. Located at 2110 Mackay St., the Centre is wheelchair accessible and, with 48 hours notice, also offers childcare.
514-848-2424 ×7880 (Peer Support Line) // genderadvocacy.org

Revivre: Aimed specifically at helping those who are bipolar, depressed or experiencing anxiety, Revivre is a non-profit that provides space for individuals to share their experiences through support groups, private counselling and an online forum. Certain services cost money, but private counselling is free, and they provide support through their crisis line from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
514-529-3081 or 1-866-738-4873 (Toll Free Crisis Line) // revivre.org

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