Vote Stefan Faina

Having worked with Stefan this past year on many Arts and Science Federation of Associations events, I can safely say he is the man for the job.

He’s got the honesty, sensitivity and passion it takes to handle Loyola’s Concordia Student Union affairs. His strength as a candidate lies in his caring nature and dedication to helping students.

He will surely go the extra mile to ensure that the Loyola voice is heard and that the “other” campus does not feel neglected. His experience as an executive member of the Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association helped prepare him for the job’s organizational and logistical aspects, and the fact that he spends most of his time at Loyola means he truly knows the ins and out of the campus and it’s student population.

I can think of no better candidate. If unsure who to vote for, I encourage all to engage in conversation with Stefan (you’ll find him at Loyola); you’ll quickly find out he’s eager and ready to be your VP Loyola.

-Nicola Smith

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