Vote Iain Meyer-Macaulay

I’m writing this letter as a concerned Concordia undergraduate endorsing my good friend Iain Meyer-Macaulay’s candidacy for VP Sustainability in the upcoming Concordia Student Union elections.

One of the first things I noticed about Iain after meeting him in Grey Nun’s in our first year was his outspokenness and passion for many issues. As a committed outdoorsman and canoe-tripper, his attachment to nature has informed his political views and his lifestyle.

If he isn’t around campus, at a CSU meeting, or helping run Concordia’s fine arts magazine, Interfold, you can probably find Iain tending to his window garden in his apartment.

Having spent many winters tapping maple trees in his grandparents’ sugar bush, Iain’s love for growing things becomes apparent soon after you meet him. As a newcomer to one of his famous parties on Hope Street, he’ll greet you warmly and introduce you to the crowd before dragging you through the apartment on a tour of his garden, his artwork, and his various DIY projects cluttering the house.

Recently, Iain’s passion for the environment has been matched by a passion for student government. Over the past few years, he’s become deeply involved in student politics, representing fine arts students as a CSU councillor and events committee member, where he was instrumental in creating and launching Interfold magazine. He has hosted many a fundraiser at his now-legendary apartment, including the infamous Jungle Juice Jam, the Interfold launch party, and Liberal Arts College’s Oktoberfest. If you haven’t met him at one of his parties, you’d probably recognize him as the sometimes overly-generous bartender at CSU’s Cultural Nights at the Hive.

Iain’s a great friend, an enthusiastic leader, and a dedicated representative of student interests, which is why I will be voting for him as my VP Sustainability.

If you’re lucky enough to have met Iain, I’m sure you’ll do the same. But if not, don’t take my word for it. Just look for the huge guy in flannel and denim and introduce yourself, in all likelihood you’ll have a great conversation and a new best friend.

Joseph Cornfield
Liberal Arts College

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