Vote for Experience CSU

My name is Chris Carpini and I am the President of the John Molson Competition Committee. The past 3 years of my undergraduate career have been dedicated to working on JMSB’s competition program. During my time here, the program has become the world’s largest undergraduate competition program as we close a record-breaking year with nearly 40 podium finishes and countless gold medals.

I’ve travelled around the world to attend over a dozen competitions and over 10 inter-university conferences, meeting tons of students in the process. I know strong student leaders when I see them. As such, it is with pleasure that I endorse Melissa Payette and her entire Experience CSU team for the executive of the Concordia Student Union.

I’ve worked closely with Melissa on CASA’s Board of Directors. As the President of CASA Cares, Melissa is a compassionate leader – what stands out most when talking to her is that she truly cares for what others have to say. My colleagues and I have spent many nights venting to her about problems and roadblocks within our committees. The outcome is always consistent: next day, well-educated and researched opinions that truly help to move our organizations forward.

Moreover, I know how easily student organizations can be seen as unapproachable amongst the greater student body. Melissa is the type of person who breaks down these barriers. I strongly believe that Melissa will care for the unique needs of Concordia students and will go out of her way to make sure everyone’s voice is heard – she is a go-to person and knows how to get things done.

Backing her is a stacked team on Experience CSU – individuals who will absolutely work well together. Both Scott Carr and Maylen Cytryn have been involved in JMSB’s competition program. Scott is gold-medal winning competitor who is always open to a new challenge and whose unique solutions leave judging panels speechless. Maylen is an up-and-coming star in the program whose infectiously bubbly personality is combined with a hard-working attitude. The competition program has trained these individuals to recognize real problems within organizations and come up with the most creative and feasible ways to solve them.

I am confident that these 3 individuals have surrounded themselves with a team that will make for an incredibly hard-working CSU. Undoubtedly, this is what Concordia students need – strong, dedicated, compassionate leaders who will work sleepless nights for us.

—Chris Carpini, JMCC President

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