Vote Cameron Monagle

I have had the pleasure of having multiple classes with Cameron Monagle and he is partially responsible for my involvement in student politics over the last academic year.

My being new in the world of student politics, Cameron has always been available for guidance and has shared a plethora of information with me regarding student mobilization, the Concordia Student Union’s stance on various issues and has clarified for me the Students of History at Concordia’s by-laws more than once. Over the last few years, I have seen Cameron in action. He is well-known in the history department as the go-to guy for anything related to the CSU. He has been actively sharing information with students about, and mobilizing them in the fight against tuition hikes. Not only is Cameron easy-going and articulate in his political positions, he is also a determined, bright student who manages his time better than most people I have met. Cameron has already proven himself to be excellent in mobilizing students in the fight against tuition hikes and is definitely qualified to continue the good fight into the next academic year if need be.

Ilia Sorokin
SHAC VP Internal Affairs.

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