Vote ABC

I couldn’t help noticing Action, ahem, Concordia Could Be’s flashy posters, cash fuelled website, and substance void campaign and video.

It seems whenever Concordia Student Union elections happen we are bombarded by the usual candidates who tell us to vote for them because they are “cool”, “hip” and “fun”. I’m not interested in how cool you are but what you are actually going to do to improve our university.

To that effect, I have been impressed with Schubert LaForest and his team, A Better Concordia. They are focusing on the issues such as our university administration’s mismanagement of funds and the importance of more direct democracy at Concordia.

On March 20, 21 and 22, I am going to be voting for the team with substance, I am going to be placing my vote for A Better Concordia.

Ron Zipper
Electrical Engineering