Visual Contributor of the Month: Caroline Marsh

  • Photo Caroline Marsh

  • Photo Caroline Marsh

  • Photo Caroline Marsh

Caroline Marsh photographs sports for the adrenaline rush of capturing the shot she sees in the seconds before the moment has passed.

She stumbled upon sports photography after she stopped playing rugby, realizing she had much more success on the sidelines than she did on the field. She particularly enjoys photographing ice hockey due to the fast pace, and rugby, the sport she fell in love with in high school.

She aims to capture the intensity of a moment, whether that is the physicality of the sport, the determination of the players, or the effortless camaraderie of teammates. She wants her audience to feel they are seeing the moment differently when they view it through her lens.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, she roots for all Boston sports teams. She spends her time at home photographing the Boston Bruins’ practices, as a sports photographer and a fan.

She is particularly inspired by Bruins photographer Steve Babineau, whom she is more terrified to approach than the players themselves.

She hopes to one day travel with a team to capture both the action of games and the moments in between as Babineau does.

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